Sharing a Sunset

YirrelSunsetWe drove to find the place near the water’s edge to share the sun set
Talking about how lucky we are to have had shared this rotation of the earth
The good and bad the day presented, how we met its challenges and opportunities
The people who passed through our lives, even most briefly, that impacted our existence

We passed the homes and clubs of those fortunate enough to occupy this coast
Found a little public concrete pier with a few people fishing
Feeling blessed with you by my side, as the sky revealed its magnificent colors
Silhouetting the horizon’s skyline reflected on the silky water

As the sun’s light fell to the advance of the night, in that instant I thought,
There is no feeling more precious, no vision more beautiful, no moment more fulfilling
Then I turned my head and saw your smile, reflecting the joy, peace and love in your soul
And realized my mistake, This instant is the most precious, beautiful and fulfilling I can experience

We take this opportunity to recognize the bounty of love and spirit this world offers
To acknowledge the gift of life we all share and the magic of our existence
And to mark another rotation of our earth, made even more special
Because I’m the fortunate one, rich beyond worldly possessions

What we share can’t be bought and seems impossible to find
There is the trust not known by many and the safety of facing any hazard together
Your presence in my life makes my existence better, makes me better
The energy around us, and the beauty and power of nature is more vibrant
And even the magic of the sunset multiplies when you are near

Two new songs just finished

I just finished up two new songs in the studio. I hope you will take a moment to listen and comment on them. You can also download my songs at this link which would be much appreciated. You can view the lyrics and read a little brief “liner note” for them as well.


One song is called “Sunset”, and was written as a celebration of love, and of course Sunsets which are an important daily meditation for me and Michelle. It’s an energetic fusion of Samba and Rock featuring a positive lyric and melody, some Acoustic Piano, Hammond B-3 and Multi-Percussion.


The other is called “Love Today” (The World Needs Your Love Today) I began writing this song when a good friend lost their spouse in a freak accident. I couldn’t finish it at the time. But recent events around Boston keep impacting people’s lives in much the same way and gave me some additional inspiration and perspective. The world definitely needs your love today.


My two new songs are available here:


A site for promoting private lessons

Hey musicians providing private lessons. To help get more private students for lessons, I have begun using a site called Thumbtack. I am getting a few leads per week from the site and expect to pick up a few students from them. The cost is minimal and as I said they are already generating leads. Check out my own profile and the rest of the site by going to this link for Music Theory Instructor. 

Nez goes to NYC…

The past few years I have had the pleasure to work with drummer Andrew Nesbitt, who I have always called Nez. He is now moving on, heading to New York where there are certainly bigger and grander things available to him. I met Nez on another project where we were working with Singer/Songwriter Max Klau. The timing was great for me as he was a nice fit for filling that role in my own project. And he became a friend.

Studio recording for “Bounce”

As a musician, he always has an easy feel that never seems forced, interprets grooves intuitively, plays with those nano-beat segments very effectively, and listens (a rare trait).

As an individual and band-mate, he also brings an easy, no hassle, drama-free attitude making it a joy to collaborate, experiment and express.

As a performer, he has a fantastic stage presence – somewhere between surfer dude, Rastafarian and party-time groove master.

I wish him nothing but the best and dread having to replace him. If you’re reading this and you’re in the New York area, look him up. Find him at a gig (or hire him for a gig) and say hello to him for me. He is a person worth getting to know and a musician worth listening to and supporting. Good luck Nez. We have two more gigs together before your next great adventure. I’m looking forward to the shows and when July hits and this chapter is in your rear view mirror, I hope our paths cross again. Be well and stay thirsty my friend.

Nez at Ryles
Nez @ Ryles gig, Cambridge MA

Special pre-release track, and a small request

I hope you are doing well. I have been working on new material and am in the early stages of recording some of the songs for a new CD release. I wanted to share one of the songs with you, a slow burn called “You Are Everything”.

I have a small request; if you like this song – even just a little – please purchase the $0.99 download. Actually purchasing any of my other songs (as few or as many as you like) is a big help.

I need to raise some money for this project and if I can persuade enough people to download this song it will make a huge difference. Now if you have a huge wad of cash that you don’t know what to do with I am always available. But downloading this and/or any other of my songs from my website is a simple way to support me and the band. By the way it’s called micro-funding and it’s all the rage!

Thank you for listening to my music and for considering my request. Be well.

Approaching a milestone.

I blog a little, tweet some, have profiles on face/space and videos on YouTube, have a handful of electronic press kits, am on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, eMusic, Nimbit,CD Baby and at least a dozen other music distribution sites. But out of all of the stuff going on, there’s this one sometimes overlooked music service that has surprised me. According to last month’s report from my Number One Music account, my profile has received 931,166 plays since it opened. That just blows my mind.

But I can really use your help. I am looking to record some new material, and there are a couple of things you can do to assist. First, please visit my profile ( and listen to a few of my songs. If I can achieve One Million plays I can probably leverage that milestone to help me record some new material. The numbers are important to people considering to promote my music, hire the band, or support my project.

If you find something you like on my profile, there are two other simple things you can do that would also help. Visit me on Facebook ( and/or YouTube ( and help my numbers there by liking my music.

And the really big thing you can do is purchase a download of one or more of my songs to help me raise the money I need to record my new material with my band. Going to my website at works best for me, but you can also get downloads from MANY online retailers including eMusic, iTunes, or Amazon MP3. Consider rating or ranking me there as well. Every little bit helps.

Thank you for supporting music and the musicians that go through what we do to make it. Your support makes a difference to each one of our lives. Be well.
Bill C

Join me for a Live Radio Broadcast – live performance!

I hope you’re doing great. I had to let you now that a radio station in Portsmouth NH has invited us to the studio for 90 minute live broadcast on Monday May 23. The broadcast is at 12:30 pm US Eastern Time. Please check it out on the web at or if you happen to be in the Portsmouth, NH area, dial your radio in to 106.1 FM.

I hope you get a chance to listen. Be well.

Here are the show details:
Monday, May 23, 12:30 pm EST
if you happen to be in the Portsmouth, NH area, dial your radio in to 106.1 FM

This is a live broadcast of the band performing our latest music.

Thanks and I hope to see you real soon. Be well.

PLEASE: If you get a chance please check out our page (that means hit the like button!) on facebook at: Thanks for your support!

join me on facebook at

Gig Update, News

First I want to apologize. I put my bag of ice melt away and that is obviously the root cause of this snow today. Sorry. I do hope you are doing well in spite of the storm.

I had some details wrong in my last email about next Thursday’s gig at Ryles. It starts at 8:30 (not 9:00) and tickets are $8.00 (not $10). Also, I have a radio appearance (can I call it an “appearance” if it’s on the radio?) on “Kickin’ Back with Kathleen” which airs at 8:00 on April 1. And on April 8, I will be performing solo for Photographer John Munson at his new studio (Beacon Photography) in Winthrop, MA.

Here are the venue details for the upcoming gigs:
Thursday, Mar 31, 8:30 pm
Ryles Jazz Club
212 Hampshire Street, Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 876-9330

Friday, Apr 1, at 8:00 pm
Kickin’ Back with Kathleen
WNBP Radio – The Legends; 1450 AM, Newburyport, MA
also broadcasting on the web at

Friday April 8, at 8:30pm (solo performance)
Beacon Photography
185 Winthrop Street, Winthrop, MA 02152
Phone: (617) 848-8299

Friday April 22, at 9:00pm
Cuban Revolution Restaurant & Bar
60 Valley St Providence, RI 02909

Thanks and I hope to see you real soon. Be well.

The Grammy’s got this one right…

I imagine a good percentage of you reading this have become familiar with Esperanza’s work prior to this past week’s events. Those of you who came to the Dimock Center’s Steppin’ Out with the Stars Gala where I was the winner of their talent search had a chance to hear her perform that night.

A couple of years prior, I had the chance to catch her at a Berklee student concert and was blown away. She is one of those performers where it is more than her excellence on her instruments (both voice and bass) that catches you. She is a presence, with a daring and very individual approach and style. I got to see her again at Berklee’s anniversary concert where she killed. She’s not a copy or a remake, and when you see her get into that zone of hers you know you are watching something special happen.

When she won the Grammy I was astonished and immensely pleased. It was such a rare moment that the industry recognized talent and substance over popularity and the purchasing prowess of America’s tweens. Congrat’s Esperanza. Well done and deserved. And guys, you have to see her live!

Jimmy Stafford; An inspiring performance.

Last night Michelle and I had the pleasure to be at this small restaurant in Worcester, MA for a very intimate after party for the WXLO Acoustic Christmas Party. A few of the artists showed up at the after party and a couple of them made it to the stage.

This type of intimate get together is always an opportunity for some great moments and I want to share what was the great moment for me. Not to play down what a treat it was to watch Steven Page (former lead singer of Bare Naked Ladies) playfully take on everyone from Michael Jackson, George Michael, Tom Petty, and of course his own book of songs from BNL, I have to make special mention of another performer.

Jimmy Stafford, guitarist for Train, came to the stage, took hold of the host’s Ukulele and along with a local singer performed Soul Sister. Now the Uke isn’t one of those instruments that lets a guitarist shine. And it was late. The audience in this tiny club couldn’t have been bigger than maybe 30 – 35 people. But this guy who tours the world and just performed with his Grammy nominated band in a huge stadium in front of 10’s of thousands of fans grabbed the moment.

I’ve seen club performers nearly fall to sleep in front of audiences twice this size, just snoozing their way through song after song. I always find this to be both insulting to the audience and disrespectful to the art. I always felt that if even there is only one person listening, your end of the deal is to give your best. I also don’t think you should be performing music if you don’t love what you’re doing.

And here comes Jimmy. He smiled infectiously from ear to ear the whole time, encouraged the local singer into a solid version of a hard song to sing and brought a ton of energy to this performance. It’s obvious he loves what he does and respects his audience. It was inspiring and shows how much of a professional and incredible performer this guy is.

It was self-affirming for me because I strive for that in my own performance. I’m sure I don’t always achieve it but whenever I hit the stage I attempt to do exactly what Jimmy did last night. And it felt great to witness Jimmy’s love for music and performing up close and personal. Thanks.