Two new songs just finished

I just finished up two new songs in the studio. I hope you will take a moment to listen and comment on them. You can also download my songs at this link which would be much appreciated. You can view the lyrics and read a little brief “liner note” for them as well.


One song is called “Sunset”, and was written as a celebration of love, and of course Sunsets which are an important daily meditation for me and Michelle. It’s an energetic fusion of Samba and Rock featuring a positive lyric and melody, some Acoustic Piano, Hammond B-3 and Multi-Percussion.


The other is called “Love Today” (The World Needs Your Love Today) I began writing this song when a good friend lost their spouse in a freak accident. I couldn’t finish it at the time. But recent events around Boston keep impacting people’s lives in much the same way and gave me some additional inspiration and perspective. The world definitely needs your love today.


My two new songs are available here:


Approaching a milestone.

I blog a little, tweet some, have profiles on face/space and videos on YouTube, have a handful of electronic press kits, am on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, eMusic, Nimbit,CD Baby and at least a dozen other music distribution sites. But out of all of the stuff going on, there’s this one sometimes overlooked music service that has surprised me. According to last month’s report from my Number One Music account, my profile has received 931,166 plays since it opened. That just blows my mind.

But I can really use your help. I am looking to record some new material, and there are a couple of things you can do to assist. First, please visit my profile ( and listen to a few of my songs. If I can achieve One Million plays I can probably leverage that milestone to help me record some new material. The numbers are important to people considering to promote my music, hire the band, or support my project.

If you find something you like on my profile, there are two other simple things you can do that would also help. Visit me on Facebook ( and/or YouTube ( and help my numbers there by liking my music.

And the really big thing you can do is purchase a download of one or more of my songs to help me raise the money I need to record my new material with my band. Going to my website at works best for me, but you can also get downloads from MANY online retailers including eMusic, iTunes, or Amazon MP3. Consider rating or ranking me there as well. Every little bit helps.

Thank you for supporting music and the musicians that go through what we do to make it. Your support makes a difference to each one of our lives. Be well.
Bill C

The Grammy’s got this one right…

I imagine a good percentage of you reading this have become familiar with Esperanza’s work prior to this past week’s events. Those of you who came to the Dimock Center’s Steppin’ Out with the Stars Gala where I was the winner of their talent search had a chance to hear her perform that night.

A couple of years prior, I had the chance to catch her at a Berklee student concert and was blown away. She is one of those performers where it is more than her excellence on her instruments (both voice and bass) that catches you. She is a presence, with a daring and very individual approach and style. I got to see her again at Berklee’s anniversary concert where she killed. She’s not a copy or a remake, and when you see her get into that zone of hers you know you are watching something special happen.

When she won the Grammy I was astonished and immensely pleased. It was such a rare moment that the industry recognized talent and substance over popularity and the purchasing prowess of America’s tweens. Congrat’s Esperanza. Well done and deserved. And guys, you have to see her live!

Billboard liked it!

I just received notice today that one of my songs (You Know Me) has just won the honorable mention in the 2009 Billboard Song Writing Contest. I got a nice certificate and letter. It’s a nice validation so thank you to Billboard.


I was recently asked in a radio interview how I came up with the groove for this song; a hard question to answer. My writing is usually done at the keyboard and is as more sub-conscious than analytical thought process. Ideas come to me through my playing and I try to develop them.


Of course the development includes a fair amount of critical through so I think I can answer this question through a post analysis of what I did.  


The song is based around the intro, which is a modal pattern (C Dorian) with that ascending bass line. I liked this sound and it reminded me of some of the Jazz coming out of the late 50’s – 60’s, and smattered about in early fusion projects.


This kind of style often creates a very laid back mood but I wanted it to groove so I added those anticipations to the bass. Once I did that, it really took on some life and gave it a hint of Latin rhythm.


That feel set up the verse with a slight Bossa groove. But I still felt that it should have a touch of r&b / soul to feel to it so the traditional IV – I pattern found in many Bossa tunes was supported by the trap set playing a more standard rock ballad style while the percussion and bass laid a little more on the Latin side.


The bass plays a big role in the feel for this song. By over emphasizing that fretless phased sound (thanks Jaco for such a lasting impression) the intro seems to surround and wash over you.


The lyrics were inspired by my wife of course. As I was writing this I thought of how Jobim would use simple imagery to tell his story. I thought of Ipanema and wanted to capture the impact meeting Michelle had on me through that technique.


This all sounds so dry for what I think of as a sweet and somewhat wet song. I hope you enjoy it. Be well.

Winning the 2009 IMA Ringtone Award

I am so excited about winning this category at the Independant Music Awards. Rigamaroll is always so much fun to perform because of its high energy and open “jam” format that gives the band a chance to let it out. There’s a new studio version on my new CD with Nez and Marcus trading fours, Keith taking a solo and kicking off a doubletime swing piano solo… we had fun and did this song in one take.

I am really hoping to see everyone at the CD release party on May 12. The line up will include me on both keyboards and that beautiful grand piano, Keith on bass, Ricardo Monzon on percussion and Nez on Drums. We may have one or two surprises up our sleeves as well.

Tickets to the May 12th show are available at

To access the free ringtone of “Rigamaroll by Bill Champitto” from your cell phone Text “569732” to 69937 (MYXER) or on your computer go to

A quick and overdue update.

I just finished up tracking some of the songs for the new CD. I’m running out of time (and out of money) to meet the publisher’s deadline – but working hard to get done.


So far I have Silently She Calls My Name, Bounce and One Day mixed. I think we’re in good shape with just a few more tweaks. A Better Way, Can You Tell Me and A Strange Place are tracked. A Better Way has changed a lot from the first mix (the early release) with a new vocals, bass and organ.


So here’s a quick run down of some of the songs.


Silently She Calls My Name: It was written with a kind of Latin Rock groove to it featuring some incredible percussion work by Ricardo Monzon and drummer Andrew (Nez) Nesbitt, as well as some intricate B3 work.  It uses imagery that reflects how you can be mesmerized and enthralled without a word being spoken.


Bounce: is jazzed funk – and the song literally bounces thanks to a simple and catchy keyboard hook lifted by a solid rhythm section performance from bassist Keith Kirkpatrick, Ricardo and Nez.  The lyric speaks to the importance of being able to “bounce” when dealing with hard times, job loss, financial and other social pressures.  While this does apply to my own life, I see this as a recurring theme for many people I know and meet.


One Day: Another reflection on the impact on people of the current economic situation, the song reminds you to keep focusing on what’s really important in your life – the people you love.  This light 12/8 groove and modal flavor conjures up some old Steely Dan ghosts with an updated beat.

would you send an email for me?

I hope this post finds you well. Things have been heating up with the new CD in the works. I’ve recently been notified by Billboard Magazine who is considering two of my songs for recognition in their 2009 awards.

There two very simple ways for you to help me out with my career. I have been selected to participate in two competitions that require voting. Please help with the following if at all possible.

1) please send an email to with “I vote for Bill Champitto” in it.
2) please download (for free) my ringtone by texting “569732” to 69937 (MYXER) or on your computer go to

The first is part of a regional competition Continue reading “would you send an email for me?”

I am a finalist in IMA’s ringtone category and I can use your help.

To access the free ringtone of “Rigamaroll by Bill Champitto” from your phone, Text “569732” to 69937 (MYXER) or on your computer go to

The good news is that I have been selected a finalist in a very prestigious international award program. The good news is also that you can get a free ringtone out of the deal. The help I need is for you to download the free ringtone to your cell phone.


To access the free ringtone of “Rigamaroll by Bill Champitto” from your phone, Text “569732” to 69937 (MYXER) or on your computer go to



Video of Bill performing live at Scullers, Boston

This video includes a live performance of two of Bill’s songs, “A Better Way” and “You Know Me”. It features Bill on piano and vocals, Keita Ogawa on percussion and Keith Kirkpatrick on bass. It was shot during a live performance at Scullers Jazz Club in Boston, MA.

video of Bill performing at Scullers, Boston