Pictures from the Stork

Looks like Keith is tripping... he IS having fun.
Nez knows how to play this room...
Demetrius sat in with us for a few songs one night... turned into a whole set. He is one talented performer.
The club is so small you have to take eight pictures in order to prove we were all in the same room on the same night. Here's one of me and Keith - Zach and Nez are behind me... they're there - really.

Here are some pictures I have from some of the Stork gigs we did.

The Drummers
The Drummers... you have to love it.
Bill, Zach and Nez.
That's why I love working with these guys. Nobody gives more.
This is Zach kicking it for one of his solos.
Here's Keith cradling his baby - We did a whole bunch of sets with the upright. Very fun.

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