Two new songs just finished

I just finished up two new songs in the studio. I hope you will take a moment to listen and comment on them. You can also download my songs at this link which would be much appreciated. You can view the lyrics and read a little brief “liner note” for them as well.


One song is called “Sunset”, and was written as a celebration of love, and of course Sunsets which are an important daily meditation for me and Michelle. It’s an energetic fusion of Samba and Rock featuring a positive lyric and melody, some Acoustic Piano, Hammond B-3 and Multi-Percussion.


The other is called “Love Today” (The World Needs Your Love Today) I began writing this song when a good friend lost their spouse in a freak accident. I couldn’t finish it at the time. But recent events around Boston keep impacting people’s lives in much the same way and gave me some additional inspiration and perspective. The world definitely needs your love today.


My two new songs are available here:


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