Sharing a Sunset

YirrelSunsetWe drove to find the place near the water’s edge to share the sun set
Talking about how lucky we are to have had shared this rotation of the earth
The good and bad the day presented, how we met its challenges and opportunities
The people who passed through our lives, even most briefly, that impacted our existence

We passed the homes and clubs of those fortunate enough to occupy this coast
Found a little public concrete pier with a few people fishing
Feeling blessed with you by my side, as the sky revealed its magnificent colors
Silhouetting the horizon’s skyline reflected on the silky water

As the sun’s light fell to the advance of the night, in that instant I thought,
There is no feeling more precious, no vision more beautiful, no moment more fulfilling
Then I turned my head and saw your smile, reflecting the joy, peace and love in your soul
And realized my mistake, This instant is the most precious, beautiful and fulfilling I can experience

We take this opportunity to recognize the bounty of love and spirit this world offers
To acknowledge the gift of life we all share and the magic of our existence
And to mark another rotation of our earth, made even more special
Because I’m the fortunate one, rich beyond worldly possessions

What we share can’t be bought and seems impossible to find
There is the trust not known by many and the safety of facing any hazard together
Your presence in my life makes my existence better, makes me better
The energy around us, and the beauty and power of nature is more vibrant
And even the magic of the sunset multiplies when you are near

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