The Stork Club, Boston… closed!

I just received notice that The Stork Club in Boston is shut down indefinitely. There is some kind of license issue with the club owners and the company who leases them the building and licenses. So the first thing to make note of is that there will be no shows as originally scheduled. This includes this Sat June 5 and next Sat June 12.

Not that the details of their business is a topic for online discussion but the five owners of the business were leasing the space and it’s liquor and entertainment license from the previous owner. Somewhere along the chain of licensing boards, apartment dwellers, building owners and associations this fantastic club has been shut down.

I almost wrote something about how much I enjoy this club but it seemed a little self-serving. So now here’s my list of why I love this place:

The Stork is a great music club. At 9:30 when the music starts, this little 88 seat club with the band right smack in the middle comes to life. If you’re there, you’re there for the music. So musicians, bring your A game because people are listening. So if you got it, they’ll let you know how much they appreciate your efforts.  Yes the food is good and I know a LOT of people go for dinner. The chef and kitchen are great. But at 9:30…

Everyone that works there is nice to you, responsive and friendly. I can’t count how many “clubs” in Boston have rude door men / bouncers with earphones and an attitude bigger than their necks, a wait staff that treat you like you’re interrupting their texting time, and bartenders who work very hard at ignoring you and mixing bad drinks in slow motion. From the door, to the staff to the owners, everyone was here to make sure you got what you needed and enjoyed yourself.

Comfortable, no pretense, nice people (in the club), no problems or fights, actual tables and chairs, oh what else…

It’s been my experience that most clubs attract a fairly narrow demographic, in age, race and even job sector.  It seems to be the nature of things. There are college clubs, clubs for 50 year olds, all white or all black (or choose your race), all seven figure professionals or all blue collar, gay or straight, a meat market or a couple bar. But like the South End in general, the best word I can use to describe the mix of people at The Stork on a Saturday night is eclectic. With absolutely no pretense this was one of the few places I’ve performed where you would truly see the breadth of our wonderful city represented.

I hope that this club reopens soon, either at the current location or at bigger one, although I think it should stay in the South End somewhere.

2 thoughts on “The Stork Club, Boston… closed!”

  1. Bill,

    My impression of The Stork Club was just as good as yours, so I was naturally disappointed last night when I met with friends there only to find it had been closed down. We were led to believe it was due to a fight over a firing, so I’m glad to hear no physically harmful event had been the cause of the closure. However, I hope this license issue won’t drag on and on.


  2. The licensing issue may actually be a real problem. I spoke with one of the owners and he is not sure at all whether they will get re-openned. He seemed hopeful but there wasn’t a ton of confidence in his voice. I do know that all of the entertainment has been told that all dates are cancelled and they will get back to us if anything changes.

    Thanks for coming by the club though. I did send an email out to everyone on my mailing list so I assume you’re not on it. I hope you consider signing up so you can keep up with our show schedule.

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