Special pre-release track, and a small request

I hope you are doing well. I have been working on new material and am in the early stages of recording some of the songs for a new CD release. I wanted to share one of the songs with you, a slow burn called “You Are Everything”.

I have a small request; if you like this song – even just a little – please purchase the $0.99 download.
http://billchampitto.com/downloads.html Actually purchasing any of my other songs (as few or as many as you like) is a big help.

I need to raise some money for this project and if I can persuade enough people to download this song it will make a huge difference. Now if you have a huge wad of cash that you don’t know what to do with I am always available. But downloading this and/or any other of my songs from my website is a simple way to support me and the band. By the way it’s called micro-funding and it’s all the rage!

Thank you for listening to my music and for considering my request. Be well.

Approaching a milestone.

I blog a little, tweet some, have profiles on face/space and videos on YouTube, have a handful of electronic press kits, am on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, eMusic, Nimbit,CD Baby and at least a dozen other music distribution sites. But out of all of the stuff going on, there’s this one sometimes overlooked music service that has surprised me. According to last month’s report from my Number One Music account, my profile has received 931,166 plays since it opened. That just blows my mind.

But I can really use your help. I am looking to record some new material, and there are a couple of things you can do to assist. First, please visit my profile (http://www.numberonemusic.com/billchampitto) and listen to a few of my songs. If I can achieve One Million plays I can probably leverage that milestone to help me record some new material. The numbers are important to people considering to promote my music, hire the band, or support my project.

If you find something you like on my profile, there are two other simple things you can do that would also help. Visit me on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bill-Champitto-the-band/271945160480) and/or YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/user/BillCBos) and help my numbers there by liking my music.

And the really big thing you can do is purchase a download of one or more of my songs to help me raise the money I need to record my new material with my band. Going to my website at http://billchampitto.com/downloads.html works best for me, but you can also get downloads from MANY online retailers including eMusic, iTunes, or Amazon MP3. Consider rating or ranking me there as well. Every little bit helps.

Thank you for supporting music and the musicians that go through what we do to make it. Your support makes a difference to each one of our lives. Be well.
Bill C

some updates on the CD release

It has only been a couple of weeks since the first copies of “Bounce” arrived and starting making their way to the media, but I want to share with you some of the things that have been going on….

  • I had an interview today with the North Shore news papers for a story that should run this week.
  • On Friday night (actually Saturday morning) at 12:45 I will be a guest on Al Davis’ Jazz Gallery on WGBH FM (89.7).
  • On Saturday night (ok, Sunday morning) I will be a guest on Sherry Smith’s show ‘Round Midnight on WATD FM (95.9).
  • Then I might be heard on WFNX RM (101.7) Sunday morning Jazz Brunch with Jeff Turton (still being confirmed).
  • On Monday I will be a guest on WICN FM 90.5 with Tyra Penn at 1:00 pm.
  • Of course Tuesday night is the big release party (I already told you about that and if you didn’t get your tickets yet you really should) The show is at 8:00 at Scullers in Boston (the Doubletree Hotel on Storrow Drive… 400 Soldiers Field Road) … you can get your tickets now at http://web.me.com/sueauclair/Bill_Champitto_At_Scullers/May_12_09.html, www.ticketweb.com, or call Scullers directly at 617-562-4111. Tickets are $20.
  • Then later that week I will be a guest on WEIB FM (106.3) on their morning show. We will be announcing a performance in western MA that WEIB will be hosting. 

Just writing all of this stuff out is overwhelming. The response from this CD has been fantastic and I didn’t even mention the coolest thing of all… I am in negotiation with a publicist who has a Canadian artist that wants to record some of my music on his upCD Cover fo Bouncecoming CD. He is a well known recording artist in Canada who has spent time in the states on Broadway and on some impressive sets in Hollywood. Wish me luck…

Well that’s the update for the past two weeks…. and I can only hope there’s more to come. In the meantime, if you are able to make it to Scullers I want to thank you for taking part in the fun. The show starts at 8:00 so you’ll be home at a reasonable time – unless you want to join us later on Newbury Street for the after party! If you can’t make it you can order a CD or download for your MP3 player at http://www.billchampitto.com/downloads.html. I hope we can catch up real soon. Be well.  

Bill C

Bill Champitto
Soul, Funkified Jazz
cell (617) 320-4136 – land (617) 314-6503


Am I the third best songwriter?

I have already had some great things happen with the music from “Bounce” and have blogged about some of it. Well, here’s some cool news. My Dad listened to the CD and said he liked it. ok, so that may not count much in your book so…

I received a third place from the folks at the Artistic Freedom Collective and AFC RADIO in their songwriter contest. 13 Judges from three different countries and all aspects of the music industry completed the final judging.

I like and believe in my work. Most people can tell whether an artist believes in their performance. And industry people smell that a mile away. So it’s cool to get recognized by people in the industry with a sincere mind set of bringing good music to the front.

But what really gets me jazzed is when I hear from someone who randomly decides to send me an email to say how much they liked one of my songs. Thanks for your support.

Oh, about the contest. I will be featured on their station for the month along with the first and second place song writers. AFC Broadcasts 24/7 via streaming programs and has live shows throughout the week. More information on the afc can be found at www.afcollective.com

Winning the 2009 IMA Ringtone Award

I am so excited about winning this category at the Independant Music Awards. Rigamaroll is always so much fun to perform because of its high energy and open “jam” format that gives the band a chance to let it out. There’s a new studio version on my new CD with Nez and Marcus trading fours, Keith taking a solo and kicking off a doubletime swing piano solo… we had fun and did this song in one take.

I am really hoping to see everyone at the CD release party on May 12. The line up will include me on both keyboards and that beautiful grand piano, Keith on bass, Ricardo Monzon on percussion and Nez on Drums. We may have one or two surprises up our sleeves as well.

Tickets to the May 12th show are available at http://web.me.com/sueauclair/Bill_Champitto_At_Scullers/May_12_09.html

To access the free ringtone of “Rigamaroll by Bill Champitto” from your cell phone Text “569732” to 69937 (MYXER) or on your computer go to http://www.myxer.com/tag/569732/

would you send an email for me?

I hope this post finds you well. Things have been heating up with the new CD in the works. I’ve recently been notified by Billboard Magazine who is considering two of my songs for recognition in their 2009 awards.

There two very simple ways for you to help me out with my career. I have been selected to participate in two competitions that require voting. Please help with the following if at all possible.

1) please send an email to VoteNCNRomp@gmail.com with “I vote for Bill Champitto” in it.
2) please download (for free) my ringtone by texting “569732” to 69937 (MYXER) or on your computer go to http://www.myxer.com/tag/569732/

The first is part of a regional competition Continue reading “would you send an email for me?”

I am a finalist in IMA’s ringtone category and I can use your help.

To access the free ringtone of “Rigamaroll by Bill Champitto” from your phone, Text “569732” to 69937 (MYXER) or on your computer go to http://www.myxer.com/tag/569732/

The good news is that I have been selected a finalist in a very prestigious international award program. The good news is also that you can get a free ringtone out of the deal. The help I need is for you to download the free ringtone to your cell phone.


To access the free ringtone of “Rigamaroll by Bill Champitto” from your phone, Text “569732” to 69937 (MYXER) or on your computer go to http://www.myxer.com/tag/569732/



Video of Bill performing live at Scullers, Boston

This video includes a live performance of two of Bill’s songs, “A Better Way” and “You Know Me”. It features Bill on piano and vocals, Keita Ogawa on percussion and Keith Kirkpatrick on bass. It was shot during a live performance at Scullers Jazz Club in Boston, MA.

video of Bill performing at Scullers, Boston

Winning the 4th Annual Steppin’ Out with the Stars Talent Showcase

I was selected as a finalist from thousands of entries and edged out three other finalists for the opportunity to perform at Steppin’ Out with the Stars 2008 Gala. With Keith on bass and Keita on percussion, we performed live for a panel of judges and, according to the Dimock Center’s press release, “energized the audience” at Scullers Jazz Club on Monday, September 29th. “His trio edged out three other artists/ensembles for the opportunity to perform on the main stage at this year’s Steppin’ Out gala Saturday, November 8th.”

We performed my new single “A Better Way” and the best selling single from “Water’s Edge”, “You Know Me”. The show lineup includes such great jazz and R&B artists as Lala Hathaway, Andre Ward, Monty Alexander, Terri Lyne Carrington, Esperanza Spaulding, Kendrick Oliver, Wannetta Jackson, Larry Watson, Julia Nixon and Samba Tremeterra.

Thanks to all of you who showed up in support. This was fun and the show in front of an aduience of 3,000 will be very exciting.

About Dimock, in case you don’t know… (from their website)

The Dimock Center, founded on July 1, 1862 as the New England Hospital for Women and Children, was the first hospital in New England opened and operated by women for women, and only the second in the country. Noted prominently for its role in the history of women in medicine, Dimock strives to continue in the innovative spirit of trailblazers like Dr. Marie Zakrzewska, who established the hospital, and Mary Eliza Mahoney, the country’s first black nurse who studied here in 1879. Our nine-acre campus was designated as a National Historic Site in 1985 and a National Historic Landmark in 1991. Today, as the largest community based agency in Roxbury, Dimock serves thousands upon thousands of children, adults and families each year.
Dimock is a local and national model for the delivery of comprehensive health and human services. Our Health Care programs provide health maintenance, screening, immunizations, and prevention for adults and children with specialized clinics, including Women’s Health and OB/GYN, HIV/AIDs, eye care, and dental care. Our Child and Family Development programs offer group fitness activities, academic support and computer training, as well as a safe environment for children and adolescents. Our Behavioral Health program assists those struggling with mental illness, developmental delay substance abuse or violence issues. For many individuals and families, participation in Dimock’s programs and services literally saves lives.