Approaching a milestone.

I blog a little, tweet some, have profiles on face/space and videos on YouTube, have a handful of electronic press kits, am on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, eMusic, Nimbit,CD Baby and at least a dozen other music distribution sites. But out of all of the stuff going on, there’s this one sometimes overlooked music service that has surprised me. According to last month’s report from my Number One Music account, my profile has received 931,166 plays since it opened. That just blows my mind.

But I can really use your help. I am looking to record some new material, and there are a couple of things you can do to assist. First, please visit my profile ( and listen to a few of my songs. If I can achieve One Million plays I can probably leverage that milestone to help me record some new material. The numbers are important to people considering to promote my music, hire the band, or support my project.

If you find something you like on my profile, there are two other simple things you can do that would also help. Visit me on Facebook ( and/or YouTube ( and help my numbers there by liking my music.

And the really big thing you can do is purchase a download of one or more of my songs to help me raise the money I need to record my new material with my band. Going to my website at works best for me, but you can also get downloads from MANY online retailers including eMusic, iTunes, or Amazon MP3. Consider rating or ranking me there as well. Every little bit helps.

Thank you for supporting music and the musicians that go through what we do to make it. Your support makes a difference to each one of our lives. Be well.
Bill C

Winning the 2009 IMA Ringtone Award

I am so excited about winning this category at the Independant Music Awards. Rigamaroll is always so much fun to perform because of its high energy and open “jam” format that gives the band a chance to let it out. There’s a new studio version on my new CD with Nez and Marcus trading fours, Keith taking a solo and kicking off a doubletime swing piano solo… we had fun and did this song in one take.

I am really hoping to see everyone at the CD release party on May 12. The line up will include me on both keyboards and that beautiful grand piano, Keith on bass, Ricardo Monzon on percussion and Nez on Drums. We may have one or two surprises up our sleeves as well.

Tickets to the May 12th show are available at

To access the free ringtone of “Rigamaroll by Bill Champitto” from your cell phone Text “569732” to 69937 (MYXER) or on your computer go to

Video of Bill performing live at Scullers, Boston

This video includes a live performance of two of Bill’s songs, “A Better Way” and “You Know Me”. It features Bill on piano and vocals, Keita Ogawa on percussion and Keith Kirkpatrick on bass. It was shot during a live performance at Scullers Jazz Club in Boston, MA.

video of Bill performing at Scullers, Boston

The Blues Grill, June 13 – hitting the curve ball…

I was honored to work with my old friend Ricardo Monzon which is always a setting for magical things. The club is having a dispute with the major licensing organizations (BMI, ASCAP and SESAC) which is a story for another day, but until its resolved performers are not able to perform any of the music they license. Since that’s nearly every popular song over written, I performed four hours of my original music along with many improvisations.

Like many of the land bound towns close to the shore, after a beautiful day followed by a warm summer’s night the audience often wanders to the shore. Not the case this night. Attendance was very good and people were very generous with their applause and praise. This kind of warm response really fueled the music. I had a fantastic time and think they did as well. Thank you again to everyone who made it out that night. I’m looking forward to the next show.

I am in the middle of writing a blog about the recent behavior of ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. If you’re interested, keep your eyes open for it. Be well.

June 11 at the Revolution in Boston

The Revolution turned out to be an interesting night. There was a booking mix-up as happens occasionally so there were three bands performing that night. We had to quickly scramble to make sure everyone got on stage somewhere near their originally scheduled time. The good news was that there was a very good turnout for the night.

The Revolution is adorned with rock memorabilia and very comfortably fitted with a number of sofa pits as well as traditional bar stools and stands. The club’s staple are DJ’s and they have a couple of nights a week with live music spotlights. I think their typical performance is more pop/rock oriented so we take them a little by surprise when we hit the stage.

We hit at 9:00 and had a very good show. One of the highlights has to be Keita Ogawa, our percussionist who during his solo on Rigamaroll had the chef come dancing out of the kitchen to enjoy the music. Keita has been getting some big name gigs with Yo Yo Ma and Tiger Okoshi and I think the experience is upping his game. He was incredible which elevated all of us. I swear I’ve never seen Keith (Kirkpatrick, our ever solid bassist) smile so much.