Special pre-release track, and a small request

I hope you are doing well. I have been working on new material and am in the early stages of recording some of the songs for a new CD release. I wanted to share one of the songs with you, a slow burn called “You Are Everything”.

I have a small request; if you like this song – even just a little – please purchase the $0.99 download.
http://billchampitto.com/downloads.html Actually purchasing any of my other songs (as few or as many as you like) is a big help.

I need to raise some money for this project and if I can persuade enough people to download this song it will make a huge difference. Now if you have a huge wad of cash that you don’t know what to do with I am always available. But downloading this and/or any other of my songs from my website is a simple way to support me and the band. By the way it’s called micro-funding and it’s all the rage!

Thank you for listening to my music and for considering my request. Be well.

The Grammy’s got this one right…

I imagine a good percentage of you reading this have become familiar with Esperanza’s work prior to this past week’s events. Those of you who came to the Dimock Center’s Steppin’ Out with the Stars Gala where I was the winner of their talent search had a chance to hear her perform that night.

A couple of years prior, I had the chance to catch her at a Berklee student concert and was blown away. She is one of those performers where it is more than her excellence on her instruments (both voice and bass) that catches you. She is a presence, with a daring and very individual approach and style. I got to see her again at Berklee’s anniversary concert where she killed. She’s not a copy or a remake, and when you see her get into that zone of hers you know you are watching something special happen.

When she won the Grammy I was astonished and immensely pleased. It was such a rare moment that the industry recognized talent and substance over popularity and the purchasing prowess of America’s tweens. Congrat’s Esperanza. Well done and deserved. And guys, you have to see her live!

Pictures from the Stork

Looks like Keith is tripping... he IS having fun.
Nez knows how to play this room...
Demetrius sat in with us for a few songs one night... turned into a whole set. He is one talented performer.
The club is so small you have to take eight pictures in order to prove we were all in the same room on the same night. Here's one of me and Keith - Zach and Nez are behind me... they're there - really.

Here are some pictures I have from some of the Stork gigs we did.

The Drummers
The Drummers... you have to love it.
Bill, Zach and Nez.
That's why I love working with these guys. Nobody gives more.
This is Zach kicking it for one of his solos.
Here's Keith cradling his baby - We did a whole bunch of sets with the upright. Very fun.


It was good to know you Irving…

My good friend and neighbor, Irving passed away on the 19th. Today was his funeral and as expected I was touched by how much he was loved by his family and friends. Today he was called a regular man who took the time to care about people and make the world a happier and better place for anyone he could help. That’s pretty special if you ask me – far from regular. It was good to know you Irving.

Am I the third best songwriter?

I have already had some great things happen with the music from “Bounce” and have blogged about some of it. Well, here’s some cool news. My Dad listened to the CD and said he liked it. ok, so that may not count much in your book so…

I received a third place from the folks at the Artistic Freedom Collective and AFC RADIO in their songwriter contest. 13 Judges from three different countries and all aspects of the music industry completed the final judging.

I like and believe in my work. Most people can tell whether an artist believes in their performance. And industry people smell that a mile away. So it’s cool to get recognized by people in the industry with a sincere mind set of bringing good music to the front.

But what really gets me jazzed is when I hear from someone who randomly decides to send me an email to say how much they liked one of my songs. Thanks for your support.

Oh, about the contest. I will be featured on their station for the month along with the first and second place song writers. AFC Broadcasts 24/7 via streaming programs and has live shows throughout the week. More information on the afc can be found at www.afcollective.com

Hard to tell if things are moving…

I finished another song for my CD. It’s been over a year that I’ve been working on this project, which has changed personality a few times. I’m really happy with the direction my last few songs have taken, not that I don’t like the others. And now these songs are getting some real interest.

I’m still holding on to the final release of the CD but I am making the 13 songs I’ve finished available for sale as a collection. I am thinking about maybe changing out a few of the earlier recordings with the 6 piece band with some of newer songs I am currently working on.

Over all I think this is good, or will be good. I hate how long this project is taking, but I hope you enjoy the “pre-release”.

Oh- and I’ve made arrangements for you to be able to have a ringtone from “You Know Me” sent to your cell phone for free. Two versions actually, one is a clip from the piano solo in case you’re weirded out having your cell phone sing to you.
Go to the link of your choice below and you can have the ringtone sent to your phone.

You Know Me    Send ringtone

You Know Me Piano Solo    Send ringtone

The first reviews are in… thanks



I’m part of a site where musicians review other musicians’ music. I’ve gotten some great feedback from this tough crowd and my song “You Know Me” will be the featured track of the day on GarageBand.com on Monday, February 26, 2007. The page site will be http://www.GarageBand.com/go/E2H4OI6W5R


I’ve also gotten the following recognition from my peers at GarageBand.com: 

Best Male Vocals overall, week of 19Feb2007
Best Male Vocals in Pop Rock, week of 19Feb2007
Best Male Vocals in Jazz, week of 19Feb2007
Most Original in Pop Rock, week of 19Feb2007
Best Drums in Pop Rock, week of 19Feb2007
Best Bass in Pop Rock, week of 19Feb2007
Best Bass in Jazz, week of 19Feb2007
Best Keyboards overall, week of 19Feb2007
Best Keyboards in Jazz, week of 19Feb2007
Best Keyboards overall, week of 19Feb2007
Best Keyboards in Pop Rock, week of 19Feb2007
Best Production overall, week of 19Feb2007
Best Production in Pop Rock, week of 19Feb2007
Best Melody in Pop Rock, week of 19Feb2007
Best Beat overall, week of 19Feb2007
Best Beat in Pop Rock, week of 19Feb2007
Best Mood overall, week of 19Feb2007
Best Mood in Pop Rock, week of 19Feb2007
Best Love Song in Pop Rock, week of 19Feb2007
Best Elevator Song overall, week of 19Feb2007
Best Elevator Song in Pop Rock, week of 19Feb2007 

Best Production in Jazz, week of 19Feb2007
Best Beat in Jazz, week of 19Feb2007
Best Mood in Jazz, week of 19Feb2007



How many times can I pull this off?

The timing wasn’t on purpose; I’m not that manipulative – or smart. It is pure coincidence that the first final mix of my new song, a love song written for my wife, was finished only days ago. I published it to the site yesterday (to my space today – February 14). Happy Valentines Day Michelle! 

The song IS for you and since I have no blue boxes and sparkly bling to share I hope you can accept this as my token. I know she does. She knows the work that goes into not only writing, but recording and producing a song. Sometimes it pays to be a songwriter (not often but today it does). 

The song, “You Know Me” is getting a lot of early complements (not just from Michelle). I hope you enjoy it. If you listen please let me know what you think. Share it with someone you care about if the mood strikes you. 

Radio and media attention for emerging artists…

Why is it with the number of incredible musicians and artists in the area there are so few opportunities for exposure and support by local media? With that said, I was just informed by the folks at PIXY103 (WPXC) “Cape Cod’s Rock” that some of my songs will be included on their “Homegrown” show. The show airs Continue reading “Radio and media attention for emerging artists…”