Special pre-release track, and a small request

I hope you are doing well. I have been working on new material and am in the early stages of recording some of the songs for a new CD release. I wanted to share one of the songs with you, a slow burn called “You Are Everything”.

I have a small request; if you like this song – even just a little – please purchase the $0.99 download.
http://billchampitto.com/downloads.html Actually purchasing any of my other songs (as few or as many as you like) is a big help.

I need to raise some money for this project and if I can persuade enough people to download this song it will make a huge difference. Now if you have a huge wad of cash that you don’t know what to do with I am always available. But downloading this and/or any other of my songs from my website is a simple way to support me and the band. By the way it’s called micro-funding and it’s all the rage!

Thank you for listening to my music and for considering my request. Be well.

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