Am I the third best songwriter?

I have already had some great things happen with the music from “Bounce” and have blogged about some of it. Well, here’s some cool news. My Dad listened to the CD and said he liked it. ok, so that may not count much in your book so…

I received a third place from the folks at the Artistic Freedom Collective and AFC RADIO in their songwriter contest. 13 Judges from three different countries and all aspects of the music industry completed the final judging.

I like and believe in my work. Most people can tell whether an artist believes in their performance. And industry people smell that a mile away. So it’s cool to get recognized by people in the industry with a sincere mind set of bringing good music to the front.

But what really gets me jazzed is when I hear from someone who randomly decides to send me an email to say how much they liked one of my songs. Thanks for your support.

Oh, about the contest. I will be featured on their station for the month along with the first and second place song writers. AFC Broadcasts 24/7 via streaming programs and has live shows throughout the week. More information on the afc can be found at

I am a finalist in IMA’s ringtone category and I can use your help.

To access the free ringtone of “Rigamaroll by Bill Champitto” from your phone, Text “569732” to 69937 (MYXER) or on your computer go to

The good news is that I have been selected a finalist in a very prestigious international award program. The good news is also that you can get a free ringtone out of the deal. The help I need is for you to download the free ringtone to your cell phone.


To access the free ringtone of “Rigamaroll by Bill Champitto” from your phone, Text “569732” to 69937 (MYXER) or on your computer go to



Video of Bill performing live at Scullers, Boston

This video includes a live performance of two of Bill’s songs, “A Better Way” and “You Know Me”. It features Bill on piano and vocals, Keita Ogawa on percussion and Keith Kirkpatrick on bass. It was shot during a live performance at Scullers Jazz Club in Boston, MA.

video of Bill performing at Scullers, Boston

I owe you!!! I didn’t know what I was asking….

First let me say Thank You for your support as we won First Place in March’s competition for the JVC Newport Jazz Festival, and I will now be considered for a performance slot at the festival this summer. I am so grateful and totally blessed to have the kind of friends that will step up in this way, and now it is in the hands of the Festival board. OurStage is holding 3 or 4 more monthly competitions and the contest rules state only that OurStage and the Festival Board will choose 2 of the top bands to perform. I will keep you posted of any updates I get.

Also, I have received a few messages from the faithful friends who helped me out by voting for my music in OurStage competition, and I have learned of the time and trouble involved in voting at the site. My good friend Christopher spent four hours ranking music. I am incredibly blessed and humbled that you would make this effort. I had no idea how long or complicated this was going to be when I asked you to get involved, and I am actually upset at the OurStage people that they would put people through this kind of thing. I never would have asked if I had any idea how frustrating and time consuming this would be for you. As a small gesture to begin to thank you for your support, I am offering Circles free for my friends at a special page on my website. Go to and you will receive a Download of Circles for your computer, iPod or mp3 player. I have also created a ring tone which you can get for you cell phone, again at no charge. I know this only begins to repay you for your support and effort, but please accept this small gift. Be well.